Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Camp Barnes Trail Run

This is not what I would call a long distance race, but it is sentimental.  I did the 7 miler and my darling daughter ran in her first 5K race!  My friend, Cheryl, ran with her since her training had been slim.  

DD is so cute . . . she actually hates running but wants to be like her mom (and got carried away with the excitement of registering and getting ready for a race).  Come to think of it, that's exactly like her mom!

My Little 5K'er and her running partner

Cheryl and Steve:  Steve did the 1 mile walk due to an injury.

Spectators:  Daddy, DS, Mom Mom, DD, Cousin 1, and Cousin 2 came to cheer us on!
DD and Cousin 2

Cousin 1

Aunt Penny

Cheryl's Mom and Daddy

The 5K participants (DD and Cheryl) started before the 7 Mile race.  Here I am waiting at the Start with my favorite little man:

Wondering if my knee will hold up for this one . . . 

And, we're off!

I actually had very little trouble with my knee for this race.  It was a fun day with family and friends!

DD caught me crossing the finish line!

And the real star of the show . . . my 5King little girl.  You go, girl!  She did it, and has a red face to prove it!

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