Wednesday, March 9, 2011

The Comeback . . . well, almost!

Picture this . . . it's the summer of 2009.  I know I need to do something to start getting my body moving and back into shape.  Okay, when I say "back into shape", I'm using the phrase loosely.  It's a shape I hadn't seen since 1996.  As usual, I am lamenting with a co-worker who has similar concerns.  I tell her about my "prior life" as a wanna-be, pseudo runner and how much fun the Walt Disney races were.  I caught her at a weak moment - and we registered.  The rest, as they say, is history.  That race (unfortunately, not the training prior to the race) was enough to give me the wake-up call I needed.  I trained on and off AFTER this race, but really got re-committed in the summer of 2010 . . . after my third Floridian debacle.  I swore to never have a race like that again.  As a result, I am now registering for longer distance races as often as possible - I am shooting for monthly if I can swing it.  It forces me to get out there - after all, you can't fake 13.1 miles too often.

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