Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Philadelphia Rock n' Roll Half Marathon - September 2010

I trained all summer for this one.  It was my first non-Disney race and I wasn't sure what to expect.  I brought along my two kiddos and friend, Lauren, as my cheering squad.  We stayed at a Four Seasons hotel right near the Start and Finish line at Eakins Oval.  We couldn't have chosen a better location!  The walk to and from the start was a breeze.  In fact, I could see the crowds streaming toward the Start from our hotel window!

At the Expo, we were greeted with a red-carpet entry!

I posed for a fake finish line photo . . . I hope to one day have a finish time like that!

We got ready to do some shopping and the count down to the start began!

During this event, John Bingham (The Penguin and author of "Marathoning for Mortals") was one of the speakers.  DD and I stayed to hear him . . . he is so down to earth and part of the reason I started this whole madness to begin with.  He is quite inspirational!

The Penguin and Me

DD and The Penguin

Then, Lauren and DD went off to shop and get their nails done.  DS and I did some sight-seeing of our own.

After eating a more sensible meal than before my last race and getting the best night's sleep I possibly could (considering pre-race jitters and sharing a room with my friend and two kids), it was time to get up and get ready!

This race was huge!!!!!  The excitement was comparable to Disney.  I love the Rock n' Roll series!

Here are some race pics:

My knee was killing me!  I've had 3 surgeries on it - including a reconstruction.  It has a screw and/or pin kind of thing in it.  So, DD got a couple of pics with my camera when I stopped for some extra Tylenol!  I saw the kids and Lauren twice on the course.  This is the first time I ever saw them (or had a cheering squad) at a race.  I was so excited to see them . . . and may have even teared up - but I'll never tell!

At about mile 5, I wasn't even sure if I would make it to the end.  My knee was barking loudly and I questioned my sanity many times.  When I started to run again, it would just give out.  I prayed and hoped for the best.  Behold - at about mile 7, I was able to run again without stopping, and I was off!  After all, I had time to make up!

It was incredible to see the kiddos at the Finish Line with my BLING!  I loved being able to share this moment with them.  Thanks to Lauren for coming with us and watching them!

Thanks to DD for the close-up after a long, hot, and sweaty race!

Now, my time for this race was 2:32:27 . . . way better than the Disney debacle!
At this point, I'm addicted!

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