Wednesday, March 9, 2011

The Back Story

Okay, so I am going to pretend I started my running "career" in 2010.  Forget my 2003 attempt at the Disney Half Marathon (finished in just over 3 hours) and my 2005 jaunt with the Disney Full (well over 6 hours . . . probably closer to 7.)  After both of those races, my running shoes didn't see action for quite some time.  Years, in fact! Let's face it - they were just excuses to squeeze in extra trips to the most magical place on earth.  In fact, I would also like to forget the race results that started it all back up again in 2010 - except that I had too much fun!  But that story is another post altogether - and the madness that started my obsession with registering for races in order to keep me going!

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